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Director Of Photography In North Carolina

Chris Varner: Accomplished Director of Photography In North Carolina

You probably don't know it yet, but you've already seen my work, on both the big and small screen. As a camera operator and Director of Photography in North Carolina, I've had the joy of working with several large and small productions, using my love of visual art to bring together projects that have been seen worldwide. In addition to movie and television work, I also am happy to work with production companies on commercials, ENG, industrial content, documentaries, and web-based content.



Photography plays a key role in ensuring that your video production is congruent with your artistic vision. As a Director of Photography in North Carolina, I work with producers and editors to ensure that lighting and other visual aspects of the film are reflective of the goal for the final product. I work well with cinematographers to ensure that the feeling you want for your art is portrayed through your film.



As a director of photography in North Carolina, I'm proud to provide my photography services to several locations up and down the East Coast, including New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Atlanta, Miami, and more. I'm also willing to travel extensively to lend my services to projects abroad. I believe in the power of the camera to tell a story, and I love working to make an artistic vision a reality.



If you're preparing your next project for the big or small screen, I'd love to talk with you to see if what I do is a good fit for your creative needs. Whether you're looking for a Director of Photography Raleigh, North Carolina or you need someone to travel with you, I'd love to talk and see if we could be a good fit. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me to learn more about what I can offer your project.

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